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couple video chatting with an inmate

Inmate Phone & Video Visitation

All visitation is conducted by video by our vendor City Tele Coin.

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After your account has been created you can download the City Tele Coin app from iTunes or Google Play. To video chat and send emails using the app or the City Tele Coin website, select the facility to set up a remote account for the inmate.

Video Visitation Guidelines

All visitation at the Greer County Sheriff's Office is conducted by video. No in-person visitation is available.

Inmate visitation is a privilege for both the inmate and the visitor. Inmate visitation privileges can be revoked at any time for disciplinary reasons. Visitors can have their privileges revoked for violating visitation rules or other improper behavior.

Visitors must be at least 18 years of age or have their parent or legal guardian present.

No nudity, no illicit or illegal activity that may result in a chargeable offense for the visitor and or the inmate. Greer County Jail has the right to shut off any visit at any time. All video visits will be monitored and recorded.

Inmate Mail Policy

Inmates have the ability to correspond with family and friends by mail, inmates can also receive mail from the same. It is important to note, all mail is opened and checked for contraband (illegal smuggled items) prior to being given to the inmate. A reminder that assisting in or bringing contraband into any detention facility may be punishable in a court of law. If you would like to correspond with an inmate by mail, please use the address listed below. Inmates will not be allowed to correspond with other inmates whether in the same facility or another facility. Correspondence must include your first and last name as well as your return address. If this is not included on the letter, it will be returned to you.

Items not Allowed:

Address Inmate mail as follows:

c/o Greer County Sheriff's Office
Inmate Name
105 S. Pennsylvania Ave.
Mangum OK 73554